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Group Training

Safe, Challenging and Smart training to help you enjoy life to the fullest.

P3 Fit

Our flagship program at P3 prepares you for any physical contingency. Our workouts are varied and incorporate weightlifting, gymnastics (bodyweight movements), running, rowing, and more! 

Functional Strength and Fitness delivered at a high level without the soul crushing, body ruining workouts common in the space. 

We will run, drag, carry, lift and throw in ways that happen and appear in our everyday lives.


We train hard, we have a lot of fun and focus on what really matters - Making our students healthier, fitter and able to enjoy their lives outside of the gym. 

"The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind."
- Greg Glassman


P3 Strength Bias

If you want to be develop real strength, you have to consistently lift heavy weights. We've condensed the variety movements (compared to P3 Fit) and employ proven functional strength training methods to build muscle and strength.

Strength isn't everything though - We've elegantly married complementary accessory movements and conditioning training, making this an incredible combination of Strength Training and Cardiovascular fun!

Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.”

– Mark Rippetoe 


We will lose muscle as we get older, no matter how much we diet, age-related muscle loss is a fact of life. 

The stronger you are as you age directly improves the quality of life you will have in the future. These sessions are designed to increase strength, balance, coordination and help you continue to enjoy your life, unassisted.

We help seniors fight back and maintain their autonomy. 

Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.

- Edward Stanley

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